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Dr. King focuses on Intelligent disinfection and cleaning, daily care and health care products. Dr. King, health is more secure because of me.

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It took a few days to evaluate. Easy to install, beautiful appearance, beautiful value, very good quality, customer service is very patient, easy to use, as practical as described


The design is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the installation is simple, the customer service is very patient, seeing two real UVC disinfection ultraviolet lights, the effect is very good, it is highly recommended that it is worth buying and never worry about the hygiene of the toothbrush.


The quality is very good, the design is reasonable, the installation is simple, the customer service is very patient, the bathroom has the most bacteria, and there is no need to worry about the hygiene of the toothbrush in the future, super love, highly recommended, support, easy installation


I always wanted to buy a sterilized toothbrush holder, but I didn't like it. This time I started this one, the appearance is simple and atmospheric, it looks clean, I hope it can be well sterilized, and protect the family's oral hygiene. The amount of toothpaste squeezed here will not be too much each time, you can squeeze it again according to your needs

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