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Dr.King Smart Disinfection Toothbrush Holder: Disinfection logic and indicator status

1. What status do the different colors of the indicator light indicate?
Please refer to the following table:

2. The logic of the light
Schematic diagram:

The logic of the UV lamp:
(1) Fully charged and long press for 3 seconds to turn on, the red, yellow and green lights flash 3 times. When a person is sensed, the red light is on. After the person leaves for 1 minute, the disinfection starts automatically, and the yellow light flashes. The disinfection is completed in 2 minutes and the green light is on.
(2) The green light is on (within 30 minutes after disinfection is completed), no need to repeat disinfection.
(3) The red light is on (30 minutes after the disinfection is completed), and the person will automatically disinfect after 1 minute; you can also press the on button to force immediate disinfection.
(4) Automatically sleep when there is no one.
*Bacteria divide every 30 minutes. According to this principle, the status can be judged by the color of the light.
*Generally, it will be automatically disinfected after it is fully charged.

3. Which sensor is it? Will it light up?
Next to the indicator light is the sensor, which is used to sense the approach of people, not the light.
When it is particularly bright, there may be a certain light mapping, but it is actually the light of the indicator, and the sensor itself does not emit light.

4. Where is the switch position? How to boot?
·Long press the white circle ⭕ on the left side of the toothpaste squeezing position for more than three seconds to turn on the phone.
·After fully charged, unplug the power supply, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on, the red, yellow, and green lights flash 3 times, and the red light is on when it is sensed. After people leave, they are automatically disinfected.

5. How to force disinfection?
The switch key has two functions, one is long press to switch the machine, the other is short press to force disinfection.
If you need to force immediate disinfection, tap the power button once and switch to flashing yellow light to trigger forced disinfection.

6. Will it be automatically disinfected every time I leave?
It may not be disinfected every time you leave. It was within 30 minutes of the last disinfection, and the person left was not disinfected; more than 30 minutes was not disinfected, and the person left did not disinfect. Because bacteria only reproduce one generation in about half an hour, there is no need to repeat disinfection within 30 minutes.