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Installation method of toothbrush holder back plate and related problems

1. Paste board installation method:


1. Choose a flat and dry environment, pay attention to the reserved space for toothpaste and toothbrushes

2. Clean the wall with alcohol cotton

3. After clean and dry, paste the board and press it evenly

4. Wait for more than 72 hours

5. Just hang up the host

tip: Adhesive board uses genuine 3M VHB strong double-sided adhesive with excellent adhesive performance. There are also many models under this brand. We use a pressure-sensitive adhesive that needs to be pressed for better results. The bonding time of this glue is indeed longer, but in order to adapt to the special environment of the bathroom, this is the best choice.

2. Why did the pasteboard fall?


1. Confirm whether to hang the host after standing for 72 hours? Do you keep the sticking position dry within 72 hours?

2. Do you wipe the wall clean and dry before pasting?

3. Whether the pasting position is easy to be damp, if so, consider changing to another place for pasting.

4. If the pasteboard is not damaged, it can be blown with hot air from a hair dryer, and it can be reused if it is not damaged.

5. If the paste board is dropped and damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new paste board, please contact online customer service for consultation.

3. Can the pasteboard be reused?

Answer: The adhesive board uses 3M VHB strong double-sided adhesive, which has strong adhesive performance and can only be used once. If it is not damaged, you can blow it with hot air from a hair dryer, and it can be reused if it is not damaged. If damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

4. How to remove the pasteboard?

Answer: This adhesive is relatively strong and difficult to handle. You can scrape it off slowly with a knife or fishing line.

5. Can the water be wet?

Answer: The back plate has strong adhesive force, but please do not pour water directly on the toothbrush holder. It is recommended to install in a dry location. Because after all, it’s a toothbrush, even if it can get wet, it’s not very good.